A path built from the stones of yourself.

My son insists on keeping his fortunes from fortune cookies whenever possible. This morning I came across one randomly in our kitchen.

fortune change

I found myself smiling and thinking, “I think that change has happened.” Or at least a happy forward step has been taken.

For several months now I’ve felt something stirring within me, lovingly tapping me from the inside and whispering, “There’s something else calling you, something new, a new path built from the stones of yourself.” So not a radical departure from me as I know myself — but rather that this deep pull toward compassion and connection in many aspects of myself and my life, which has been growing over the last couple of years, was ready to come together with other pieces of myself and lead me on a new path.

I’ve been sitting still with my heart, knowing that this something was stirring but not knowing how it might manifest – or how I could bring it into being. I knew it couldn’t be rushed, but mercy, it’s hard to sit still with things sometimes – both the hard things where we think, “I want to change this situation NOW” and the joyful things where we think, “I’m ready! Let’s do this!” But of course if we rush the process just to feel satisfied, even though that may work for the moment, often we do not experience true fulfillment. So this has been a unique time for me. I’ve been calling it my mid-life reflection. I still don’t have all the answers and am kind of excited that I don’t know how I may ultimately make my Stirring manifest. But what I do know is that the chance to be here with you, even if it’s the silent you of the Universe, and explore life together here in this space, is a heart-opening, refreshing change for which I am very grateful.


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