Hope in My Kitchen.

Dear World,

I’m really sorry. I feel like I messed up a lot today. Sigh. Embarrassed sigh.

I just walked into my kitchen and stared at the walls and my refrigerator. I realized that today I let myself get dragged. Bigtime.


That lives on my fridge.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

The thing is, I knew I was letting myself get dragged, and I didn’t stop it. I just let the negativity run wild and let myself be ruled.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.


It is with genuine humility that I ask, “Could we please start today over?” I know this day is already nearing an end. But this is in my kitchen, too, and for good reason.

never too late


P.S. Kairos moment* The numerous times my son’s sweet spirit has been present in the world today and how that sweetness has run straight through to my heart. Amen again.



8 thoughts on “Hope in My Kitchen.

  1. okay, this is just a p.s. but i have to start with this – that is the ONLY fridge magnet i have. and it’s on my fridge and i love it!!! and i blogged about it not too long ago. honest to pete, i think we were related in a past life.

    okay……now the real stuff ….but you needed the reminder of us being related before i said i was just sorry it was that kinda day and while it’s nite time now and hopefully way better for you, i am going to hold the beauty of the you that i now call friend. just hold that beauty for you tonite. it’s waiting for you to pick up again after you get some rest.

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  2. Oh, your blog post is marvelous. It hits home on so many levels, Terri. Now every time I stand and nod at my magnet, too, I will think of you. Grateful for you.


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